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C R Emulation ~ Registered Purebred Angus

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The Purebred Angus Cattle Breeding Program at the GD Denault Angus Cattle Ranch selectively focuses on size and meat quality.

This perfect Angus specimen, C R Emulation (and her calf) exemplify coveted Angus Beef traits - straight back - thick neck - wide brisket - round rump - thick rib eye - perfect intramuscular fat...

C R Emulation is the epitome of Black Angus Beef Correctness, and she is the cornerstone of the American Black Angus Cattle Ranch beef production program. C R Emulation is a 5-year-old cow weighing in at 1,950 pounds! BW: 78 - AWW: 637

C R Emulation's Progeny
  N Bar Emulation EXT Emulation N Bar 5522 Emulation 31
  Ankony 8F78 Kass 8F275
  N Bar Primrose 2424 Emulation 31
  Primrose N Bar 9962
  D C 6T6 404 1188731 S S Traveler 6T6 Q A S Traveler 23-4
  S S Miss Power Play 4A4
  9J9 G A R 756 Rito 9J9 Of B156 7T26
  Athena G A R 203

American Black Angus Beef Cattle Ranch
GD Angus Farms
16242 Grant Road
Cypress, Texas 77429

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